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    2015 Food Safety Expert
    Authored Articles

    2015 Food Safety Expert Authored Articles

    Best Practices for Managing Listeria

    Author: Ruth Petran, Ph.D.

    Publication: Food Quality & Safety Magazine, October/November 2015


    Dear Supplier, You Must Be Certified; Resistance Is Futile

    Authors:?Tatiana A. Lorca, Ph.D., and John G. Surak, Ph.D.

    Publication:?Food Safety Magazine, August/September 2015


    Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Extraintestinal Pathogenic and Antimicrobial-Resistant Escherichia coli from 56 Public Restrooms in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Area.

    Authors: Mohamed, M., Owens, K., Gajewski, A., Clabots, C., Johnston, B., Thuras, P., Kuskowski, M. A. & Johnson, J. R. Edited by Schaffner, D.W.

    Publication:?Applied and Environmental Microbiology, AEM-00638.(2015)


    Efficacy of an Enzyme-based Floor Cleaner Containing N, N-bis (3-aminopropyl) Laurylamine against Foodborne Pathogens on Four Flooring Types Used in Foodservice Environments.

    Authors: Trinetta, Valentina, Valenstein, Justin, Bodnaruk, Peter, and Erin Mertz.

    Publication:?Food Protection Trends 35(2):106-112. (2015)


    Sanitation and Sanitation Issues at Retail.?

    Authors: Ford, Thomas and Opper, Amy. Edited by J. Farber, J. Crichton, and O.P. Snyder.

    Publication: Retail Food Safety. pp. 145-152. (2014) New York, NY: Springer.


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