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    Ecosure food safety monitor
    november 2018

    The EcoSure?Food Safety Monitor?is a free monthly newsletter written by EcoSure Food Safety & Public Health experts. EcoSure is a division of Ecolab.

    holidays bring menu changes

    Often, holiday menu changes include the addition of a whole turkey. Here are some tips to keep your guests safe & reduce your risk of foodborne illness:

    1. Allow Time & Space: for larger proteins to thaw under refrigeration?41°F.?
    2. Cook Properly: Turkeys should cook to 165°F
    3. Proper Holding:?Hot Holding: place in a hot holding unit that can maintain the temperature?135° F.?Cold Holding: Cool quickly 135°F to?70°F within two hours and?70°F to?41°F.
    4. Reheat: When reheating, bring to 165°F?within 2 hours.


    Active managerial control is the food service industry's responsibility for developing and implementing food safety management systems to prevent, eliminate or reduce the occurrence of foodborne illness risk factors.?

    Take the policies and knowledge off paper and make food safety an action.?


    ask the expert NOVEMBER 2018

    Mandy, is wood allowed in food service kitchens??


    Use of dry ice and liquid nitrogen in preparation or service of food.


    Ecolab Food Safety Matters Quarterly Webinars

    Food Safety Matters webinars are free quarterly web presentations featuring food industry, academic, regulatory and culinary experts presenting topics surrounding the diverse aspects of food safety. You may?view archived webinars?and receive continuing education certificates for live or delayed viewing.


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    The EcoSure?Food Safety Monitor?is a free monthly newsletter covering federal and state regulatory updates, current research, seasonal food safety issues, "hot" topics in food safety and more. The newsletter is written by EcoSure Food Safety and Public Health Manager Mandy Sedlak.


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